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When you buy theater chair, please pay attention to that several aspects?

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In order to win customers on product quality and in order to win customers of product quality and value of the trust, some auditorium chair brand played a shelf life of ten years, twenty years, and even life-long quality of the banner. Enterprises to play such a banner, can do it? The answer is impossible. May play these life-long quality, in fact, under the conditions of a certain condition. For example, in the case of pure quality problems, but the auditorium chair is not used to get back, it is a pavement process, a lot of improper use, pavement problems, and even after maintenance problems, this time businesses Do not give you a warranty, and certainly have to pay the money. Consumers are not happy, but the business says that I have a quality problem. So this is actually false advertising, in fact, there is no guarantee. In this regard, consumers must keep their eyes and avoid being deceived.

In view of the auditorium chair product quality varies greatly, so consumers in the purchase process should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Surface materials should be relatively thick, durable, durable friction can not afford the ball, no jumper. Sofa fabric can be divided into domestic and imported, European and American professional manufacturers of special fabric fabric quality, color is very small, high color fastness, fabric without latitude, especially some high-grade fabric to improve the anti-fouling ability, the surface also Special treatment. Import high-grade fabric also has anti-static, flame retardant and other functions

The structure of the auditorium chair plays a decisive role. Auditorium chair frame structure, the structure of the firm and the design point of view will directly affect the quality of the chair and the use of functional, so the choice of auditorium chair first look at the overall structure is solid, whether there is loose, in the design of ergonomic,

3. There are fillers, and all the cloth is close, flat, crisp is very important, two handrails and seats, back with or without broken fold more carefully check. When you buy can sit in a chair to feel whether it is smooth, the angle is reasonable, whether it has a sense of comfort. The quality of the elastic material affects the comfort and service life of the sofa. Therefore, the elastic material to withstand pressure, good elasticity, high density, people choose to buy in addition to sitting feeling, the company can obtain a description of the relevant description to ensure product quality.

4. Auditorium chairs and the color of the auditorium decoration to have a contrast, that is to say and the overall color of the screening hall coordination.

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