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How does the structure of the auditorium form

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Auditorium chairs, cinema chairs mostly by the seat, back, handrails and four parts of the station. Under normal circumstances the foot and handrails formed into a solid installation of the armrest. The composition of the structure is generally steel or steel structure.

Station: sub-single foot landing (one-foot landing) and armrest landing (station directly connected with the armrest) two. The sole of the seat, the center of the foot support seat, in addition to its beautiful, but also easy to use the chair legs and other facilities connected to the environment, such as ventilation, power interface. As the only way to connect the foot is relatively complex, the cost of a single foot institutions have increased accordingly. Handrail station landing way, solid, reliable, easy to fix and install, armrest and station foot combination, simple structure. The footsteps are the foundation of the hall chair support, under normal circumstances with anchor directly fixed on the ground.

Handrail: The armrest of the auditorium chair is the base support of the whole seat, and the main parts of the seat are connected to the handrail. Handrail structure: metal frame, handrail skeleton, is basically the support of the entire hall chair connection; armrest plate, made of wood or plastic and other materials; WordPad institutions, auditorium chair armrest can be installed WordPad institutions, For the purposes of the proceedings.

Seat: generally composed of fabric, sponge pad, inner frame, rotating body and the outer plate.

Fabric: general with cashmere, velvet or car cashmere and other fabrics; also use leather, imitation leather to do fabric and so on.

Sponge pad: made of PU (polyurethane) foam, the density of 40 ~ 60Kg / M3 more appropriate.

Inner frame: According to the design of different, simple structure of the use of curved wood plywood, plastic plate, senior seat with spring metal frame, plastic inner shell and so on.

Rotating mechanism: divided into gravity recovery mechanism and spring return mechanism, gravity recovery mechanism is simple and reliable without maintenance, often equipped with rubber silencer pad to eliminate the impact and noise when the recovery; the use of spring recovery can reduce the size of the body, Flexible and variable, coupled with the damping device can be controlled after the exercise, the movement becomes slow, completely eliminate the impact and noise; the other from the European patent technology in France - pneumatic response has been introduced to the Chinese market, the starter makes the chair The pad will not send any disturbing sound in the process of opening and recovering, light, elegant, safe, secure, and concealed, without any influence on the appearance of the seat.

Outer plate: According to the design needs can be made of wood, plastic or other materials, the main role is to decorate and connect with the mechanism.

Backpack: generally composed of fabric, sponge pad, liner and outer plate composition.

Fabric: generally with cashmere, velvet or car cashmere and other fabrics; also use leather, imitation leather to do the fabric.

Sponge pad: made of PU (polyurethane) foam, the density of 35 ~ 50Kg / M3 more appropriate.

Lining: According to the design of different, can be used curved wood plywood and metal frame structure, with metal frame structure called steel frame, sometimes steel frame directly buried in the sponge.

Outer plate: the same function as the front panel, can also be made of wood, plastic or other materials, the main role is to decorate and connect with the handrail.


The scale of the seat also has a certain range, according to the ergonomic design, the scale is generally controlled at:

Seat height: the highest point of the seat to the ground distance, hard seat 400 ~ 420, soft seat 420 ~ 440mm;

Block width: the distance between the two handrails; generally greater than 660mm;

Seat depth: seat plate front to the back of the distance; generally 400 ~ 450mm;

Back height: seat plate to the back of the highest point size;

The height of the back to the ground;

High handrail: the highest point of the handrail to the ground;

Total depth: the seat of the front point to the back of the last point of the distance, the general impact of the seat of the row;

With WordPad depth: the maximum depth of the seat when the tablet is open;

Seat angle: the seat surface and the angle of the horizontal plane, usually 2 ~ 5 °;

Back angle: the angle between the back and the horizontal line, generally 100 ~ 106 °

Row distance: two rows of seats before and after the distance;

Seat distance: also known as the center distance, refers to the distance between the left and right seats;

Radius of arcs: Radius of row curvature of circular arc;


In addition, there are a number of accessories optional, features are as follows:

Wordboard: Designed for seats for meetings or lectures, it is easy to take notes or write documents and books when you are in class. There are two kinds of plain and hidden.

Cup holder: cup holder is divided into handrail cup and outer cup holder two, handrail cup holder is mainly used for cinemas and often need to use the place. Most of the handrails are designed to be integrated with the armrest. Outside the cup holder for meetings, classrooms and other places, if necessary to use. Outside the cup holder has two cups and the front cup holder.

Book network: also a special chair for meeting chairs.

Numbers: There are two commonly used number plates, one called the seat card and the other called the number plate. The seat sign indicates the number of the seats in each row, and the row number indicates the order of the rows.

Movable feet and tripods: places that are not allowed to be fixed or require frequent change of position on the ground, require the use of movable feet or seats for the activities of the tripod. Lijiang product activities in the form of foot there are three: A-type activities feet, placed on the ground, with adjustable height of the nail, can be manually moved; B-type activities feet, placed on the ground, with adjustable feet Nail, can be manually moved; universal activities tripod, the hall chair directly fixed on the activities of the foot, the tripod with four can be lifted to the caster, the caster when the tripod, With the seat can be easily moved, when the caster, the tripod floor will fall on the ground, so that the seat flat on the ground, can not move.

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