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Hunstar Chair

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  • Product Name: Cinema chair
  • Product ID: PT-Y19
  • Added Time: 2013-02-19
  • Views : 33

Block / back cotton: the use of high-density cold foam PU stereotypes cotton, the density of not less than 55kg / m3, long-term use will not be deformed.

Seat, back shell: the use of high-quality polypropylene polypropylene multi-element composite material injection molding, impact resistance, anti-aging.

Fabric: the use of high-quality suede, wear-resistant, anti-fade, do three anti-treatment.

Station: the use of high-quality steel, steel pipe stamping by welding molding, and by grinding, polishing, rust, phosphate, electrostatic powder, high temperature oven and other processes.

The left and right sides are equipped with an injection molding PP polypropylene plate side panels.

Handrail cover: armrest cover with PP polypropylene multi-element composite material injection molding, shaft with high quality steel stamping welding molding, armrest cups Siamese, can be recycled to the back position, save more space.

Tilt mechanism: the use of a new spring reclining mechanism or with a fixed structure.

Side plate: the edge of the use of high-quality PP polypropylene by the mold hollow blow molding.

Seat recovery mechanism: the use of damping or gravity recovery

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