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Hunstar Chair

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  • Product Name: Triple playroom chair
  • Product ID: PT-16 三合一
  • Added Time: 2016-03-07
  • Views : 72

Technical Description:

Recoil: the use of the world's leading three-in-one molding technology, that is, sponge, inner panels and fabrics in the mold one molding, the fabric is no artificial vehicle cutting, no glue bonding, so as to ensure that the appearance of the product without wrinkles, The Sponge does not add talcum powder, long-term use is not deformed, high elasticity; seat sponge density of 55-60 kg per cubic, sponge density of 45-50 kg per cubic;

Fabric: the use of three composite fabric, that is, from the high-level anti-wear fabrics, plus a layer of special PU and imported film, made by hot processing, so as to ensure the overall fabric with a strong comfort, permeability and environmental protection, and after Special waterproof, anti-fouling treatment, easy to clean and maintenance;

Back / seat shell: PP multi-element composite material injection molding, impact resistance, anti-aging.

Station: high-quality steel, steel pipe stamping welding molding, and by grinding, rust phosphating, electrostatic powder, high temperature stove furnace and other processes. Bearing part of the steel thickness of not less than 2.0mm, load-bearing parts of the screw hole all nuts to ensure durable.

Handrail cover: imported logs, coated with polyester paint. Or PU handrail cover.

Seat back: gravity or double spring automatic recovery mechanism.

WordPad: Standard aluminum alloy connector, aluminum alloy support bar and black PP tablet.

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